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The 10 most rebellious destinations to travel with friends

travel destinations with friends

If traveling is one of life's great pleasures, doing it with friends makes these authentic experiences unforgettable. For this reason, from our caps for men and women blog , we propose the ten most rebellious and perfect destinations to organize a getaway with friends around the world.

Discover 10 essential destinations to have fun and have a good time on a trip with friends .


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This Spanish island is one of the great party capitals every summer . Ibiza brings together thousands and thousands of people attracted by its fantastic leisure offer. Nightclubs, beaches, coves, charming towns, sunsets, and endless plans to make the most of every minute of your vacation with an indescribable intensity.


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The capital of the Netherlands is a must for any young European . With the great claim of starring its Coffee Shops, pubs, canals, cheese and bicycles; Amsterdam is another one of those places where getting bored is not an option . For all these reasons, traveling with friends to this Dutch city is a success.



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Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Sacramento, San José... make this American state one of the most inspiring places for our creations in all kinds of caps for men . California is life , optimism and rebellion. A perfect combination to travel with friends and experience its beaches, surf, visit Hollywood, Palo Alto, Silicon Valley, etc.

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Florianopolis (Brazil)

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The capital of Santa Catarina, a state in the south of Brazil, is a very remarkable destination for its beaches, resorts, as well as water sports, among which sailing and windsurfing stand out. This Brazilian paradise island has become in recent years one of the most attractive destinations in South America.



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This municipality on the Cadiz coast is famous among lovers of water sports such as sailing, surfing and kyte surfing, among others. In addition, Tarifa stands out as a destination to travel with friends by offering a very attractive gastronomic offer, partying and the mentioned sports.



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The second largest city of the Canary Islands, in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, invites us to spend a few days on its white sand beaches, sports, natural landscapes, delicious local cuisine and high temperatures , which we recommend fighting with our caps for men . Fuerteventura is an island with the potential to make a trip with friends an unforgettable experience . Good roll guaranteed.


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The crystal clear blue-green sea and white sands are not the only attraction of the Hawaiian Islands. Formed by four large islands and two smaller ones, the US state of Hawaii has Honolulu as its capital and, in addition to its landscapes and fantastic climate, offers tourists other interesting plans such as shark diving, dolphin watching, surfing and other sports. aquatic or panoramic flight over some of the islands that make up the state.


Varadero (Cuba)

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If you are looking for good vibes, Cuba will not disappoint you . Without the language barrier that other destinations on this list might have, and the affable, happy and hospitable character of its people, the Cuban city of Varadero. Caves, keys, virgin forests, sailing, good weather and nightlife are some of the ingredients that make this Cuban destination an attractive place worth visiting with friends.


Tavarua (Fiji Islands)

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Very famous for its heart shape, it is located in the Fiji Islands. It is a very small island (12 hectares). In it we can find a tourist complex with rooms and restaurants to travel with friends. White sands, crystal clear waters and coral reefs make this a completely paradisiacal island. Notice: if you want to visit it you have to do it with a previous reservation or invitation, since it is a private island .


Isla Mujeres (Mexico)

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This ranking could not be complete without this Mexican destination. Isla Mujeres is a small island located in front of Cancun. With a cheerful, cool and calm atmosphere , Isla Mujeres has one of the best beaches in the world where you can wear all kinds of men's caps since the heat and temperature tend to be very intense. Party, water sports such as snorkeling, boat rides, hotels, the boardwalk... and a fantastic view of both sunset and sunrise.

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